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Flighty Unveils Flighty Friends: A Private Social Network for Tracking Loved Ones’ Travels

Flighty, the acclaimed flight tracking app and recipient of the prestigious 2023 Apple Design Award, is introducing an innovative feature with the launch of Flighty 3.0. Building upon its existing “friends’ flights” capability, Flighty now offers a unique way for close friends and family to seamlessly track each other’s travels. The concept of “Flighty Friends” allows users to connect directly with their loved ones, sharing real-time flight information without the need for forwarding emails or texts.

By adding someone as a “Flighty Friend,” users gain access to automatic updates about their family members’ or friends’ flight details, complete with personalized notifications displaying the traveler’s profile photo. This feature, accessible through the new “Today” screen, enables users to view the flight locations of their added contacts if their flights are scheduled within the next 24 hours.

Flighty ensures privacy by restricting flight information visibility to only those who have been granted access. Sensitive details, such as booking codes, remain undisclosed. Moreover, users can selectively share their flight information with individuals who do not have the Flighty app and can easily disable sharing at any time.

Ideal for spouses, significant others, parents, children, and close friends, Flighty Friends provides a real-time location tracking experience similar to Apple’s “Find My” or other location tracking apps like Life360. The app offers comprehensive flight tracking data, including flight plans, weather conditions, delays, FAA advisories and warnings, aircraft updates, connection information, and more.

Flighty subscribers can enjoy additional benefits, such as utilizing Apple’s live Lock Screen widgets and Live Activities in the Dynamic Island (the notch) on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Other exclusive features include calendar and TripIt sync, email forwarding, and in-depth flight information.

According to Ryan Jones, the developer behind Flighty, the app introduces the concept of a “flying private network,” setting it apart from traditional social networks. Unlike platforms focused on publicizing information and accumulating followers, Flighty’s design centers on providing a private and exclusive experience for sharing flight updates with a select group of trusted individuals.

With millions of downloads to date, Flighty remains financially stable as a cash-flow positive and self-sustaining company. As Flighty introduces this groundbreaking feature, it marks a significant milestone in the realm of flight tracking and personal connection during travel.