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Revolutionizing Email Composition: Google’s Duet AI Creates Personalized Email Drafts

Google has unveiled an innovative feature for Gmail users through its Duet AI, which was announced at the Google Cloud Next ’23 event held in San Francisco from August 29th to 31st. This advanced AI companion is set to revolutionize the way we handle emails. Duet AI, now available for Workspace users, is designed to assist with a wide array of tasks across various platforms including meetings, documents, and Google Chat.

One of the significant enhancements brought by Duet AI is its integration with Gmail’s existing smart reply feature. This new capability empowers users to effortlessly compose and personalize more extensive emails with a single tap. Google has provided additional insights into the functionality of this feature for Workspace users.

Both web and mobile users of Gmail who are part of the Duet AI trial will gain access to a convenient “Help me write” button. This feature offers a diverse range of writing assistance options tailored to the user’s needs. Duet AI’s prowess shines as it can cleverly utilize a user’s own language patterns to draft an email. Drawing context from previous email interactions, the AI generates responses that seamlessly blend with ongoing conversations.

The sophistication of Duet AI doesn’t stop at draft creation. Users have the ability to refine the tone of their email drafts, toggling between formal and casual language. Elaboration is another dimension Duet AI brings to the table. The AI can enrich the content with additional details if desired. On the flip side, for those aiming for succinctness, Duet AI allows for email shortening.

Amidst these practical features, Google has injected a touch of playfulness with the “I’m feeling Lucky” function. Reminiscent of the classic Google button that whisked users to the top search result, this AI-powered option offers a variety of fun stylistic variations for the drafted email content.

Google is extending the benefits of Duet AI beyond Gmail to its Docs platform. Similar to the “Help me write” feature in Gmail, users will be able to modify content tone, summarize sections, employ bullet points, expand or condense text, and even request a different AI-generated draft if the initial one doesn’t fit their preferences (“retry”).

For those who prefer a personalized touch, Google provides a custom option, enabling users to instruct Duet AI on specific refinements for their content. With these remarkable innovations, Google is once again at the forefront of enhancing user experience through the power of AI and natural language processing.